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With a dual German-Latvian citizenship Dace Luters-Thümmel has also an additional and particular expertise in Latvian law and in representing Latvian cases and clients. She is the only attorney-at-law in Germany who is admitted to the German and Latvian courts likewise. Running a representation in Riga, Mrs. Luters-Thümmel also represents the interests of clients that intend to become or already are economically active in the Baltic States, have been sued in Latvia or inherited there.

The particular expertise not only derives from dual citizenship, but also from the bilingual mastery of two mother tongues and continuous legal consultancy in Latvia since 1998. Clients are companies of different legal structures as well as natural persons whose investments are accompanied by the law firm. On behalf of the European Commission attorney-at-law Luters-Thümmel has also been intensively consulting the Latvian government, ministers, Parliament and other governmental institutions during the Pre-Accession phase before the Republic of Latvia became a Member State of the European Union. Nowadays governmental consultancy continues on an honorary basis. Legal representation in other areas of law than commercial and European law are a matter of individual arrangement. .